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NPC is the only national representative organisation for parents of children in primary school. We provide services for parents including a confidential helpline, nationwide training and a regularly updated website to support parents to support their children’s education.

NPC Members

Our members are Parents’ Associations in primary schools throughout the country, we have over 1500 members. Each member Parents’ Association nominates a NPC Delegate to be their main point of communication between NPC and the parents of children in their school.

How to become a member

If your Parents' Association would like to become a member of NPC/renew membership, you could:

  1. Download a membership form here, complete the form and return it to us by post with a cheque or postal order to cover the membership fee (based on the size of the school), or 
  2. You could fill in the form online and pay using PayPal or via Electronic Funds Transfer click here.

If you would like any assistance with becoming a member or renewing membership please contact us in the NPC office Tel: 01 887 4034 or email: 

Why join?

To support your child 

  • NPC provides a broad range of Training for parents nationwide including, among others: Parenting: Supporting your child to build healthy friendships and relationships; Internet Safety training; Supporting your child’s mental health and wellbeing, etc.
  • NPC has a dedicated information and support Helpline for parents.

To network

  • meet, learn and share information with other parents and Parents’ Associations and join an ever increasing network of parents
  • join in our Regional Assemblies (link here to regional section) to represent your Parents’ Association and develop policies that will improve educational outcomes for your child.

To have your voice heard and be represented at national policy level 

  • NPC represents the parents’ voice on the Teaching Council, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, the National Council for Special Education and to the Department of Education and Skills.
  • NPC also works on behalf of parents with organisations such as the Irish Primary Principals’ Network, the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation, the School Management Bodies, the Professional Development service for Teachers and more.

To receive

  • A 33% reduction in NPC Training course fees
  • A free copy of the good practice guidelines “Working effectively as a Parent Association” (normally €10 including P&P)
  • A reduced rate for Parents’ Association insurance

To be informed

  • NPC provides updates and alerts on NPC and educational issues



Following a wide consultation process in 2017 for the development of NPC’s Strategic Plan 2018-2022, parents in the position of NPC Authorised Representative put forward the idea that they would like to have a more defined role and receive more support from NPC in order to be able to support other parents in their school. For this reason, it was decided to transform and progress the previous role of the NPC Authorised Representative to a NPC Delegate role which will provide more opportunities for parents to be able to engage in a meaningful way with NPC and be assisted to support parents in their school. It is our vision that this role and the support network available to parents will continue to grow and develop with the support and input of local Delegates. 

What is a NPC Delegate? 

The NPC Delegate is the parent from your Parents’ Association Committee who will be your link to National Parents Council Primary. NPC will communicate all notices and information to the Delegate.

NPC will support you with training and information. 

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