NPC Vision, Mission and Values

National Parents Council Primary (NPC)

NPC Vision, Mission and Values

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NPC Vision

NPC want to see an Ireland where every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

NPC Mission

NPC exists to ensure that all parents are supported and empowered to become effective partners in their children’s education. NPC will work to increase the capacity and capability of the primary education sector, to achieve true partnership and deliver better outcomes for all children.

NPC Values

NPC knows that when parents and schools work together, children do better. Therefore NPC believes that:

  1. Parents must be actively engaged in the education of their children.
  2. Parent involvement in children's education must be supported by the attitudes, beliefs and practices of all members of the school and broader education community.
  3. Parents should be viewed as partners in facilitating children's learning and are supported in this role by the school and broader education community.
  4. Parents should be viewed as full partners in the decisions that affect their children and their family.
  5. Parents should be welcome in the school, and their support and assistance are sought as a valuable resource to support children's education in the school.
  6. All communication and dialogue with parents must be regular, open, two-way and meaningful.
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