Key Activities

National Parents Council Primary (NPC)

Key Activities

Call the NPC Helpline 01 887 4477
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NPC’s Key Activities:

  1. Service delivery
  2. Advocacy
  3. Representing parents
  4. Building participation

Service Delivery

NPC's Helpline and Training services are aimed at empowering parents so that they can support their children in all aspects of education.


The NPC helpline is a national confidential service for parents. The helpline staff listen, and gives information and support to parents to help them make the best possible decisions for and with their children.

Training and Development

The NPC Training and Development programme is a national programme of training, development and support for parents. The purpose is to empower parents to play an active part in their children’s education at every level.



NPC engages in awareness-raising activities and campaigning and lobbying at a national level and on the objectives of its Strategic Plan.


Representing Parents

NPC represents the voice of parents through representation on external bodies and other mediums. NPC consults with parents and brings parents’ views to bear on education policy.


Building Participation

NPC builds participation strategies and activities to ensure parents and children are an integral part of the work of NPC.

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