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National Parents Council Primary (NPC)

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Membership year January 2019 to December 2019

Personal data entered onto this form will be added to the NPC Membership Database and will be used by NPC to forward information for your attention, the attention of the Parent Association and parents of children in the school. This information will only be used by NPC staff and will not be shared or disclosed to any third party. Your details will be retained for the membership year and the following calendar year. These details can be removed from the NPC Membership Database on request by you at any time; email and request that your data be removed.

Please note, when you fill this form in you will be redirected to PayPal for online payment (if payment applies).

Please enter this information only if you consent to allow NPC to add your details to the NPC Membership Database.

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NPC Authorised Representative – Person who shall represent the Parent Association in all matters pertaining to membership of NPC

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To calculate the fee count the number of mainstream (classroom) teachers only,
do not count resource teachers or learning support teachers.

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If you have any queries regarding membership please
Tel: 01 887 4034/4488 or email

For new members a certificate of membership will be sent to you when your Parent Association is entered into the NPC Register of Members by the NPC Board of Directors; for all other members please note your existing certificate is valid.

Please note being a member of NPC does NOT indicate that your Parent Association has insurance.

Declaration: By clicking the button below and becoming a member of NPC, you agree to adhere to the NPC guidelines and agree to be admitted onto the NPC register of members.