Board of Management Training

The current term of office for primary school Boards of Management commenced on the 1st of December 2015

Do you know how the Parent Nominees are elected to the Board?

Would you like to understand more about the election process?

Would you like to know more about the different roles of the Board members?

NPC will give you a clear understanding of who is on the Board, what their role is and how you can ensure the right people are recruited.

NPC have a panel of trainers who are contracted to deliver the BOM training countrywide. The topics covered in the training are:

  • The Board as a Corporate Entity - Function, Roles and The Board in Action
  • Procedures governing appointments
  • Board Finances and Role of Treasurer
  • Legal Issues - Policies and procedures arising from legislation, guidelines and circulars
  • Child Protection

A national programme of training for all members of Boards of Management was agreed by all patron bodies. A steering committee was established by the Department of Education and Skills to assist with the design of the training modules. Further details below. 

This Training is very useful to Parent Associations in their role within the school community. It is available to all Parent Associations and Boards of Management during the school year. NPC will deliver the training in your school. 

The Board as Corporate Entity - Function, Roles and The Board in Action. 
The aims for this session are to:

  • Explain the concept of the Board as a corporate body
  • Examine ideas for building relationships between Board and all those who make up the school community
  • Explore ideas in relation to good practice for the Board - conducting meetings, establishing systems of communication etc.

Procedures governing the appointment of

  • Principals 
  • Permanent teachers/Fixed term teachers
  • Substitute teachers 
  • Special Needs Assistants
  • Ancillary staff - caretaker, secretary, etc.
  • Posts of Responsibility

Board Finances & the Role of Treasurer 
Key areas in this session include:

  • The collective responsibility of the Board for all financial matters
  • The role and responsibilities of the Treasurer
  • Establishing good accounting practices - maintaining accurate records, having all expenditure by or on behalf of the Board approved by the Board

Legal Issues: policies and procedures arising from legislation, guidelines and circulars 
Areas covered in this session include:

  • The general responsibilities of the Board arising from legislation, guidelines and circular letters
  • Procedures to follow when issues of concern arise
  • Issues arising from the Education Act, the Education Welfare Act, Data Protection legislation, Health and Safety legislation, Equality Acts
  • Section 29 Appeals

Child Protection 
Areas covered in this session include:

  • The responsibility of the Board as outlined in the Child Protection Guidelines and Procedures (DES)
  • The role of the Designated Liaison Person 
  • The responsibility of the Board as an employer in the event of an allegation being made about a staff member 
  • Procedures to be followed when concerns arise

For information regarding this training please contact the Training & Development Unit Tel: 01 887 4475 or

To download an application form useful downloads below or to apply online please click here

See Circular 0052/2015 - Election of new Boards of Management of Primary Schools under useful downloads