Supporting your child to build healthy friendships and relationship - Module

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Supporting your child to build healthy friendships and relationship - Module

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Delivered over 3 x 2.5 hour sessions, this module helps parents have a better knowledge of Relationships and Sexuality education so that they can talk to their children and foster their children's self esteem and decision making skills in this important area of their lives. The sessions mirror the curriculum taught in schools.

Some of the topics covered in the training are:

  • Expectations and understanding of RSE for children
  • Speaking and listening - communication skills
  • Self Esteem - a time for parents to reflect on their own self esteem and how this might influence the way in which they relate to their children
  • Childhood experiences - how we as parents learned about RSE
  • The media and ourselves
  • The process of change - physical and psychological changes at puberty
  • The language to use - parents explore the complexities of language in regards to sexuality
  • Parents and School - RSE programme in schools - familiarising parents with the RSE programme.

This module is on offer to groups of parents and is delivered in individual schools. The programme is most beneficial if parents attend all of the workshops.

This programme is funded by the Sexual Health Crisis Pregnancy Programme


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Total cost for the RSE module (3 sessions): €75 per group

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