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Internet Safety Training

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Internet Safety

Parents often admire how easily their children can use the Internet - but aren't quite sure of what they are doing or seeing. This programme looks at how children use the internet. Parents will be introduced to strategies to help their children be responsible, effective and safer Internet users. This session also looks at cyber bullying.

As parents, it is vital to have good, open communication with your child about their internet lives. Like all other aspects of their lives. We need to talk to our children about the potential dangers that they may come across online as well as the many benefits they will find.  The programme also shows parents how to disable or enable safety mode on their computers.

Setting rules and boundaries around children’s Internet usage is an important aspect of keeping them safe on-line. 

Another option available to parents to find information and skills to be able to engage in children's online lives is an Online Internet Safety Session click here to view the session.

Download A Parents' Guide to a Better Internet 


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