Supporting your child’s reading

Activities you can do with your child which incorporate aspects of literacy in the curriculum

Research suggests that parental involvement in a child's learning has more of an impact on a child's educational outcomes than any other demographic measure including social class, level of parental education or income (Feinstein & Symons, 1999).

Do you want to support your child's literacy education?

Do you know what is in the curriculum in the area of literacy?

See the attachments below to find out what you can do at home to support your child throughout their primary school years.

When your child goes to school they must follow the primary school English Curriculum which is divided into three components, oral, reading and writing. We may not realise how, but when we are interacting with our children, we are actually implementing these curricular components.

In helping you to support your child we have attached some activities which you can do with your child at home. We have linked each of them with a strand of the curriculum according to your child's age.

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