• Fees

  • Individuals €25

    Schools (Number of Classroom Teachers)
    1-2, €30
    3-4, €45
    >5-7, €65
    8-9, €75
    10-16, €90
    over 17, €100
    Special Education Schools, €45

Membership year January 2018 to end December 2018

Personal data entered onto this form will be used for NPC purposes only; these contact details may be furnished to your NPC County Branch if such a County Branch is in existence.

Please note, when you fill this form in you will be redirected to PayPal for online payment (if payment applies).

Please note being a member of NPC does not indicate that your Parent Association has insurance.

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School Details
  • Roll number is a 5 digit number followed by a letter e.g. 12345A please ask your Principal if you do not know this number
  • For the purposes of the fee, please count the number of mainstream (classroom) teachers only, do not count resource teachers or learning support teachers

NPC Authorised Representative
  • Person who shall represent the Parent Association in all matters pertaining to membership of NPC and to whom information will be sent. A home address is preferable to ensure information reaches the parents directly, also a mobile telephone number will allow NPC to use text alerts to forward information.Please contact us if the authorised representative changes during the year.
Correspondent for County Branch
  • Person who attends County Branch meetings if different to details given above

If there are parents of children in your school from any of the categories listed below who would like to represent your parent association on a NPC Special Interest Group please enter their details, please ensure you have their prior consent

Parent of child with Special Educational Needs
Parent of a child from the Migrant Community
Parent of a child from the Traveller Community
Parent of a child in a Gaeltacht or Irish medium School
Parent of a child of a Minority Religion (non- Roman Catholic)
Parent of a child who is non-religious
NPC Combined County Parents’ Association Group
  • If your Parent Association is in a county without a NPC County Branch you can register your Parent Association to become a member of the NPC Combined County Parents’ Association Group. This group may nominate parents to the NPC Assembly to represent their views. Through this group parents exchange ideas about children’s education, share experiences and discuss educational issues of importance. The group channels the views, ideas and concerns of the parents to the National level through their elected Assembly members. Members of this group can also be supported by NPC to establish county branches in their area.

For new members a certificate of membership will be sent to you when your parent association is entered into the NPC Register of Members by the NPC Board of Directors; for all other members please note your existing certificate is valid.

Declaration: By clicking the button below and becoming a member of NPC, you agree to adhere to the NPC guidelines and agree to be admitted onto the NPC register of members.