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National Parents Council Primary Early Years Services 

The National Parents Council Primary has over thirty years experience working to provide support and represent parents of children in primary schools.  We have now broadened our services to support the parents of children who are attending Early Childhood Care and Education services (ECCE).  

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Dr Katherine Zappone launched our services in May 2018 unveiling a “key new partnership” with National Parents Council to give parents a voice in early years care and education. 

“This new partnership with the National Parents Council, who for years have strongly advocated on behalf of parents at primary level, will provide a clear pathway for parents with children in pre-schools, crèches and with childminders to have their voices heard at the highest level. I feel it represents a significant, progressive step forward.” Dr Katherine Zappone, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs. 

You as a parent are the most powerful influence on your child’s early learning and development, and when your child is young you have the chance to have a long-lasting influence on their future, so be a part of it!  

Raising children both inside and outside the home, where they feel loved and cared for, and where they are always seen as having strengths and abilities has long lasting benefits for children and their families.  

Partnerships with parents and families is vital and should be a key focus of early years care and education.  We exist to ensure that all parents are supported and empowered to become effective partners in their children’s early care and education.

NPC Early Years’ Service is the only National representative organisation for parents of pre-school children. NPC exists to support and empower all parents through our Helpline, Training and Website. NPC aims to make sure that parents’ voices are heard through:

NPC Early Years Helpline This is a confidential service for parents. The Helpline officers listen and give information and support to parents to help them make the best possible decisions for and with their children. Parents can contact us by phone or email between the hours of 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday, Tel: 01 887 4477

NPC Early Years Training The NPC Training and Development programme is a national programme of training, development and support for parents. The purpose is to empower parents to play an active part in their child’s education at every level.

NPC Advocacy Our role in NPC is to represent parents and children’s voices through its representation on external bodies and other mediums. 

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